Personal Finance Tips to Help You Save a Fortune

If you’re spending habits are nothing short of reckless and you have no clue how much money is in your bank account at any given time, then you might want to get a grip of things. Chances are, if you have a pretty laid back attitude to your finances then you are hemorrhaging money left right and centre. The good news however – with a few careful financial tweaks you will be in a position to save quite a lot of money. We have put together 5 of best ways to stop your financial leak.1) Learn to love your finances. Check your balance regularly and make sure the right amounts of money are leaving your account. Know when your direct debits are scheduled and plan for it. Buy understanding your financial situation better, you will know how much disposable income you have at any given time and make better financial decisions.2) Plan your meals. By knowing exactly what you are having to eat in the coming week, you will reduce the amount of food waste you have. If you add up the cost of the amount of rotten bananas and off milk you throw away, it might just surprise you.3) Car pool. Or reduce the amount you use your car as much as you can. Whenever you use your car, you are spending money and its money that you might not need to be shelling out. There are many things you can do to reduce your motoring costs, driving economically, car pooling etc. There is potential to save a lot of money if you think about it carefully.4) Ditch the gym membership. If you have a gym membership, you have the option of saving hundreds every year. Lets face it, you probably never get your moneys worth but you can keep fit just as easily outside the of the gym.5) Home brew – incredibly strong, incredibly cheap. Brewing your own ale is lots of fun, tastes pretty good and is really cheap, well, it’s cheaper than a pint at the pub. When you get pretty good, you can bottle it and hand it out as a very cheap gift!

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